Artist Statement

In my work I explore the complexity of relationships, watching these connections ebb and flow in day to day life. Each interaction relate beautifully to the fluidity and fragility of molten glass, which lends its inherent properties to my artwork and allows me to translate my emotions to the viewer. The objective of my studio practice is to create passion within the observer; I want them to walk away from my creation feeling as though the piece has connected with their lives in some significant way. The themes for my body of work are selected through the relationships and interactions that are relevant in my life, then they are expanded to create instances that are widely relatable. I am deeply influenced by my family and loved ones. I often draw the themes for my body of work from our daily exchanges and from my exposure to their varied pursuits. My aesthetic is based heavily in mixed media processes and often involves glasswork combined with methods such as woodworking and stitching. These processes help me to convey the delicate yet visceral nature of human interaction and the many forms it can take.