In day to day life, a doily is used as a delicate protector, saving a surface from the wear and tear of the world. As humans, we use a similar form of protection in order to survive the struggles we face daily; yet when we endure a traumatic event, our mask of protection grows weak and things start slipping through the cracks. Little issues become big and soon the consistent dripping of life becomes overwhelming. Our protection can no longer withstand the flow and our being is stained. In this work, I incorporate the idea of a doily as a literal mask created to shelter the wood from the constant dripping of tea. This tea embodies the feeling of being overwhelmed by the little things when your mask is not strong, and the extensive effect that these little encounters can have when they accumulate.

Flow  2015, 12”x 48”x 72”- Kiln Cast Glass, Blown Glass, Tea, Stainless Steel Container