The theme of my thesis show can be broadly stated as appreciating the beauty of the human body. More directly, I am intrigued with the beauty of human skin and its natural progression as we age. There are three main points that I aim to cover within my work: I am addressing the natural beauty of both young and old skin in abstract/objectified ways, I am using the idea of skin as a timeline of our physical lives, and I am commenting on our societally twisted perception of self. I have chosen to use kiln-cast glass in order to create works that appear precious and sensual, while maintaining a warm, skin-like impression. The goal of this combination is to create a romanticized familiarity within the viewer. I want them to see these works and recognize that they come from a human body similar to their own, yet feel as though these forms are of significance. By seeing renderings of the ‘impurities’ of the human body (potentially similar to their own) treasured on a gallery wall, I want the viewer to stop and consider why these natural developments are considered unpleasant. If they are considered lovely in a frame on a wall, why are they considered ugly on our skin?

Undergraduate Thesis Work